Close Up Magic

Slight of hand magic, or close up magic, is the type of magic that happens right in front of you. This type of magic can be tailored to all people, young to old, and can give guests/customers an experience they will never forget. Not only can this type of magic get guests/customers into and coming back to your establishment, it is also a great way to entertain guests/customers while they are waiting in a line or waiting for some type of service (e.g food at a restaurant). The Amazing Magical Paul will perform an action packed magical performance of any length depending on need. Each performance will include:

  • 30 - 40 minutes of close up magic for customers in the establishment.
  • Comedic performance while performing magic tricks for guests/customers
  • Balloons for children in the establishment (upon request only)
  • Balloon twisting for children in the establishment (upon request only)
  • Additional services needed will be provided upon request

The Amazing Magical Paul is now serving the CT area, so book early. I look forward to performing at your establishment.

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